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18 April 2012 @ 08:16 pm
Show 85 - The Bear who's not a Bear  
Another long time listener of The Cubby House from it's inception is Adrian, who pops in to offer some sage advice for the Kink Corner and other matters.
In this show we discuss:
  • Our Artist in the Rough this show is Craig Bruyn, producer of a series called "Hub City" which features some promient bear and rabbit designed artistry
  • In addition to Crag, we also asked the ArtBoy Gallery owner Marc Huntington in to explain the sorts of work they exhibit
  • In the double shot of Kink Corner this week, Adrian helps explain an advanced for of bondage known as mummification
  • As Adrian loves helping out young kinksters get their bearings, he also offers up some knowledgeable advice for anyone who'd like to try any form of kink... In short, be safe and playful.
  • Cookie Gets his Geek On with the new smart phone camera art app, Instagram
Music you missed in the Live Radio Show:
“The Night Out” - Martin Solveig 
“Sitting on top of the World” - Delta Goodrem 
“Wanted to Feel” - Natasha Duarte 
“Fire” - Adrian Lux 
“Sunday Drive” - Ladyhawke 
Audience Discussion Topic for this week: When it comes to sharing photos on social media, where do you draw the lines?
Next Week: We're surpised when a Sydney Cub is in town to come on