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16 May 2012 @ 02:37 pm
Show 89 - The Kitty Returns  

We were a bit long in the guest line up this week.  So we got Keiren on the phone before the show for the guest questions and to talk about the latest with his Active Cubby blog.
Kevin decided we were strong enough to do the rest of the show solo.... Were we??

In this show we discuss:
  • In Kink Corner, we look at the various common community acronyms
  • Kevin delights any last minute Mother's day shoppers with a brief history of the Vibrator
  • Cookie gets his Geek On by asking "when are you blog browsing too much?"
  • Discussion with Keiren about the Active Cubby Blog
  • Kevin spills some iPhone 5 rumors in circulation

Music you missed in the Live Radio Show:

“Sexy and I Know It” - Noah Guthrie
“Dance with Me Tonight” - Olly Murs
“Move in the Right Direction” - Gossip
“You Can’t Win” - Kelly Clarkson

Audience Discussion Topic for this week: We've all had unpopular songs that we secretly love. So whats your dirty little pop secret?