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The Cubby House
16 May 2012 @ 02:37 pm

We were a bit long in the guest line up this week.  So we got Keiren on the phone before the show for the guest questions and to talk about the latest with his Active Cubby blog.
Kevin decided we were strong enough to do the rest of the show solo.... Were we??

In this show we discuss:
  • In Kink Corner, we look at the various common community acronyms
  • Kevin delights any last minute Mother's day shoppers with a brief history of the Vibrator
  • Cookie gets his Geek On by asking "when are you blog browsing too much?"
  • Discussion with Keiren about the Active Cubby Blog
  • Kevin spills some iPhone 5 rumors in circulation

Music you missed in the Live Radio Show:

“Sexy and I Know It” - Noah Guthrie
“Dance with Me Tonight” - Olly Murs
“Move in the Right Direction” - Gossip
“You Can’t Win” - Kelly Clarkson

Audience Discussion Topic for this week: We've all had unpopular songs that we secretly love. So whats your dirty little pop secret?
The Cubby House
13 May 2012 @ 04:34 pm
It has come to our attention that some of you have had trouble in the past following our shows.
From technical issues to changing of web hosts, we hear you.

So here's a current list of all the links for The Cubby House you need to know.

Podcast Feed
Itunes: Subscribe HERE
RSS: Subscribe HERE

Live Journal
Click HERE

Click HERE

Live JOY 94.9FM Radio Stream (Monday 10pm AEST)
Click HERE

Click HERE


If you have any other concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us via these means, as we don't check LJ message often and may miss out on what you had asked.

Cookie + Kevin
The Cubby House cubs
The Cubby House
13 May 2012 @ 04:12 pm
For those who have been taking the photo challenge so for, we thank you all!

Here are the first week's worth of our four entries so far...

Thanks again for all those joining in.
You can see the current photo post at our Facebook page...

For the Full List of the 30 Day Challenge, Check out Show 87 Post HERE
The Cubby House
09 May 2012 @ 04:00 pm

Without a Kevin at the mic, Cookie invites Raymond Lee to help keep the chair warm and gets a surprising shy cub, Pete, in to discuss some quirky and interesting topics.

In this show we discuss:
  • With the movie not long off release we look at Dark Shadow’s Origins
  • In Kink Corner, the dreaded hankie color most people avoid… Brown!
  • Pete helps shed light on what it’s like being a gay twin
  • Ray shares valuable hardware shopping tips
  • Pete also shares his story on how scarring can change attitudes

Music you missed in the Live Radio Show:

“Stay In This Moment” - Alex Saidac
“Stupid Mistakes” - Darren Hayes
“Last Night” - Good Charlotte
"The Real Thing” - I Am Sam Feat. Sarah McLeod

Audience Discussion Topic for this week: What have you gone to make (build, cook, create, etc.) that turned out horribly wrong?

The Cubby House
02 May 2012 @ 09:36 pm
Friend of the Show, Ross came on board to flex his vast acting repature into the mis of this episode.

In this show we discuss:
  • In Kink Corner, the hairy bears better be wary of this hanky color, red with white stripe
  • Kevin gets his Geek On with the upcoming movie (No longer the prequel to Alien), Prometheus
  • We speak with Jade on the phone about her upcoming music video launch 
  • Kevin sets a new Photography Challenge - Positively Present
  • And Ross shares some tips with what it takes to be an ACTOR!
Music you missed in the Live Radio Show:

“Better Than I Know Myself” - Adam Lambert 
“Anywhere in the World” - Mark Ronson ft Katy B 
“Amnesia” - Ian Carey & Rosette ft Timbaland 
“The Night Out” - Martin Solvieg 
“Arms of a Tune” - Missy Higgins 

Audience Discussion Topic for this week: How do you keep your sexual encounters from becoming stale and boring?

Next Week: While "Kitty Cat" Kevin is away, the cubs will play

The Cubby House
25 April 2012 @ 09:31 pm
Specially in from Sydney, Aaron flys in to give us his low down in the world of games
In this show we discuss:
  • We get the latest monthly update from President Rob Camm of VicBears's latest events
  • Cookie sloshes Kink Corner's next hanky color, Burgandy/Wine
  • The cubs swing their Geek on when discussing Solo vs MMO playing 
  • We get Healthy Bear Blog writer Dr George on with a look into his latest blog update "Ex Gay Researcher retracts his study"
Music you missed in the Live Radio Show:
“Never Close Your Eyes” - Adam Lambert 
“Payphone” - Maroon 5 
“4 Chords” - Axis of Awesome 
“In The Dark” - Michaela Baranov 
“Dark Side” - Kelly Clarkson 
Audience Discussion Topic for this week: Bisexuals, do you limit sex with them to the occational fling or would you date one long term?
Next Week: Roll out the red carpet, an actor is in our midst
The Cubby House
18 April 2012 @ 08:16 pm
Another long time listener of The Cubby House from it's inception is Adrian, who pops in to offer some sage advice for the Kink Corner and other matters.
In this show we discuss:
  • Our Artist in the Rough this show is Craig Bruyn, producer of a series called "Hub City" which features some promient bear and rabbit designed artistry
  • In addition to Crag, we also asked the ArtBoy Gallery owner Marc Huntington in to explain the sorts of work they exhibit
  • In the double shot of Kink Corner this week, Adrian helps explain an advanced for of bondage known as mummification
  • As Adrian loves helping out young kinksters get their bearings, he also offers up some knowledgeable advice for anyone who'd like to try any form of kink... In short, be safe and playful.
  • Cookie Gets his Geek On with the new smart phone camera art app, Instagram
Music you missed in the Live Radio Show:
“The Night Out” - Martin Solveig 
“Sitting on top of the World” - Delta Goodrem 
“Wanted to Feel” - Natasha Duarte 
“Fire” - Adrian Lux 
“Sunday Drive” - Ladyhawke 
Audience Discussion Topic for this week: When it comes to sharing photos on social media, where do you draw the lines?
Next Week: We're surpised when a Sydney Cub is in town to come on
The Cubby House
13 April 2012 @ 09:31 pm


Lift Mechanic, Media Technician, Panel Slave, Sexual Deviant and Humble
Age: 28
Sign: Libra
Profession: Lift Mechanic
Relationship Status: Open Relationship
Famous Comeback: And? Your Point?

Personal Email: cookie@thecubbyhouse.net.au

Personals websites: Bearwww & Bear411


Photographer, artist, passionate supporter of equality and free love for all
Age: 28
Sign: Aquarius
Profession: Full Time Administrator/Part Time Photographer
Relationship Status: Open Relationship
Famous Comeback: *Raises Eyebrow*

Personal Email: kevin@thecubbyhouse.net.au

Personals websites: Bearwww & Bear411

Jack (Past Team Member)

Sexuality, Gender and Diversity Studies and Sociology Major and awesome.
Age: 22
Sign: Aquarius
Profession: Barista / Man of Leisure
Relationship Status: Slave (Last we heard)
Famous Comeback: "Stupidity is a reason, not an excuse"

Personal Email: jack@thecubbyhouse.net.au

Personals websites: Bearwww & Bear411

The Cubby House
We had a special mute guest in the studio that kept us all occupied.  The new JOY synced time clock was being 'tested' enough to get us worried.  When not worrying when the place was going to blow, Nick and John kept up the laughs for another magical show.
In this show we discuss:
  • In Kink Corner, Coral is in Hanky Code color if the week
  • John Richards reminds us what his TV series creation, Outland, is all about and what the outcome of further series are
  • Cookie wants to know if there is such thing as Gay Chivalry?
  • Kevin gets his Geek On with a Different Type of Easter Egg
  • Nick helps us understand what Pup Play is
Music you missed in the Live Radio Show:
“Take Our Hearts” - Jesper Nohrstedt 
“U.V.U.K” - Blink 
“Love Me” - StooShe ft Travie McCoy 
“Waiting For The Feeling” - Bright Light Bright Light 
“Won’t You Be Mine” - Mr Jigga ft HelovesHer 
Audience Discussion Topic for this week: Seeing as we’re not overly religious, we’re wondering what you’ve over-indulged in this long weekend?
Next Week: Another one of our regular long time listeners joins us to help explain some kinks even Cookie hasn't any experience with.
The Cubby House
04 April 2012 @ 08:08 pm
Week by sometimes painstaking week, The Cubby House Team trawl through the interwebs, community discussion and our own bedrooms to bring you new and informative conversation.  This week marks our 1 full continual year on air.  With the largest guest list to date, we celebrate with news from your local, national and somewhat international perspectives.
In this show we discuss:
  • If you haven't heard of Jade Leonard before, we give you a brief overview on her carrer
  • With Magda recently coming out we look at what it's like to come out in this new millenium
  • In Kink Corner, Cookie looks at Hunter Green and Cream from the Hanky Code
  • A funny part about Cookie and Kevin, they can be like worlds apart. So much so they adapted the tale of "A Day in the Life of Cats and Dogs"
  • Jack returns to give us his update, a tale of Master/Slave on different continents
  • Daniel Kennett joins us in the second half of the show starting with his favorite sport, Daddy Hunting.
  • Colin Micale, new to the Brisbears Committee talks whats happening up North
  • Keiran writer of The Active Cubby Blog gets the spanish 'Cub' Inquisition
Music you missed in the Live Radio Show:
“Touch Me” - Kristine McPhee 
“Call Me Maybe” - Carly Rae Jepsen 
"Vaylerie" LIVE - Jade Leonard
“Good Girl” - Carrie Underwood 
“Over Now” - Sally Singleton 
“Starships” - Nicki Minaj 
“Part of Me” - Katy Perry 
“Summer Paradise” - Simple Plan 
“Set It Off” - Timomatic 
“It’s Possible” - Roxette 
“Perfect World” - Gossip 
“BlackOut” - Breathe Carolina 
Audience Discussion Topic for this week: 
1st Hour: What has been your favourite part of our show over the past year?
2nd Hour: If you were in a Master/Slave relationship, what would your limits be?
Next Week: Nick joins us with John Richards (Who brought in some Nitrous Oxide we suspect)