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25 April 2012 @ 09:31 pm
Show 86 - An American Gamer Logs In  
Specially in from Sydney, Aaron flys in to give us his low down in the world of games
In this show we discuss:
  • We get the latest monthly update from President Rob Camm of VicBears's latest events
  • Cookie sloshes Kink Corner's next hanky color, Burgandy/Wine
  • The cubs swing their Geek on when discussing Solo vs MMO playing 
  • We get Healthy Bear Blog writer Dr George on with a look into his latest blog update "Ex Gay Researcher retracts his study"
Music you missed in the Live Radio Show:
“Never Close Your Eyes” - Adam Lambert 
“Payphone” - Maroon 5 
“4 Chords” - Axis of Awesome 
“In The Dark” - Michaela Baranov 
“Dark Side” - Kelly Clarkson 
Audience Discussion Topic for this week: Bisexuals, do you limit sex with them to the occational fling or would you date one long term?
Next Week: Roll out the red carpet, an actor is in our midst