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09 May 2012 @ 04:00 pm
Show 88 – While The Kitty’s Away  

Without a Kevin at the mic, Cookie invites Raymond Lee to help keep the chair warm and gets a surprising shy cub, Pete, in to discuss some quirky and interesting topics.

In this show we discuss:
  • With the movie not long off release we look at Dark Shadow’s Origins
  • In Kink Corner, the dreaded hankie color most people avoid… Brown!
  • Pete helps shed light on what it’s like being a gay twin
  • Ray shares valuable hardware shopping tips
  • Pete also shares his story on how scarring can change attitudes

Music you missed in the Live Radio Show:

“Stay In This Moment” - Alex Saidac
“Stupid Mistakes” - Darren Hayes
“Last Night” - Good Charlotte
"The Real Thing” - I Am Sam Feat. Sarah McLeod

Audience Discussion Topic for this week: What have you gone to make (build, cook, create, etc.) that turned out horribly wrong?